Housing First

The Housing First Program is done in partnership with local houses of worship and other organizations that sponsor a housing unit for a chronically homeless individual, providing them with the housing - coupled with supportive services - that they would otherwise never be able to get and sustain.

What is the Cause? Based on successful programs around the U.S., HOUSING FIRST ends homelessness by providing people with permanent housing right away, then offering other services as needed.
There are an estimated 130 chronically homeless persons in Lake County that are in need of this permanent supportive housing. Many have been housed by programs that are primarily supported by government funds. But there is a gap - and approximately 30 people are in need of this support but will not get it.
That's where Housing First comes in - we will fill that gap using private funds to "crowdfund" permanent supportive housing units. Groups will get together to sponsor an apartment and services to go with it.

Need to be housed by private funds – 30
Currently housed by Housing First Program – 2
Still to be housed – 28

Why donate to this cause?
On average 85% of tenants do not return to homelessness.
The chronically homeless are three times more likely to die from treatable illnesses.
Lowers taxpayers costs - Permanent housing costs about one third of the costs for emergency, charity and public aid programs for long-term homeless people.

How Much Needs to be Raised?
The cost, on average, for an apartment, utilities, and a case manager is $900/month.
Many of these individuals have been housed with Federal Funds, 4 have been housed through this private funding campaign and many more have yet to be housed.
For those that work for companies with matching funds, please consider using those funds to supplement your donation.
If you'd like to donate via check: Make the check out to "PADS Lake County" and note "Housing First" and your group/institution/church on the memo line.
Mail your payment to PADS Lake County, 1800 Grand Ave, Waukegan, IL 60085

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The projects below, local houses of worship and other organizations seek to "crowdfund" a rental subsidy for a chronically homeless person. The individual can then have an apartment of their own and the supportive services to be able to sustain it.

How does it work?

When an organization decides they want to be a part of Housing First, they bring people together, each willing to contribute a small donation each month to help pay for the rent, utilities, and services for an individual to be stably housed.

On average, the cost to house and provide services to an individual is $900.

Divided by 9 people, that's $100 a month per person.

Divided by 18 people, it's only $50 a month per person.

Divided by 36 people, it's $25 a month - a little over $5 a week.

​Once a group has brought together enough people committed to sustaining this unit, PADS goes to its list of people that are in need of long-term supportive housing, prioritized by vulnerability. That person works with a PADS Case Manager to find an apartment, and then signs a lease. PADS will then use the contributions from the Housing First sponsor to subsidize the rent. The individual will pay 30% of their income towards rent as well.

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Here's how you can work with your friends, neighbors, colleagues and more to each do a little bit to help someone who needs housing assistance.

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